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Endosymbiosis Intro

There has perhaps not been a moment in time where scientists haven’t conceptualized the origin of cells in organisms and how exactly they were brought about, first emerging approximately 3.8 billion years ago. The formation of cells was the first transition from prebiotic chemistry to individual units which to some degree resembled modern eukaryotic cells found in flora and fauna alike , as well as their corresponding exclusive organelles and how they support the endosymbiotic theory to a significant extent.

Was it not for the works of various scientists including but not limited to Konstantin Mereschkowski, Lynn Margulis and Ivan Wallin the formation of the endosymbiotic proposal would have been greatly impaired as their research and analysis laid the groundwork for this concept additionally aiding the future developments regarding it as well. Lynn Sagan proposed the theory that eukaryotic cells with a membrane bound nuclei evolved from the symbiotic relationship between free-living bacteria and larger cells which lived “harmoniously and in close proximity” within one another before the engulfment of the bacteria leading to a situation known as endosymbiosis, essentially cells residing in their larger, host cells which often benefited each party and granted the newly formed organism survival superiority and various benefits.

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