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Galaxy of Terror: The Movie that Pushed the Boundaries of Horror and Science Fiction

<h1>Galaxy of Terror Worm Scene Uncut</h1>

<p>Galaxy of Terror is a 1981 science fiction/horror film produced by Roger Corman and directed by Bruce D. Clark. It stars Edward Albert, Erin Moran, Ray Walston and Taaffe O'Connell. The movie is known for its low-budget effects, its gruesome deaths, and its infamous worm scene that involves a graphic rape by a giant alien creature. The scene was so controversial that it was cut or censored in many countries, and even in some versions released in the US. However, some fans have managed to find or restore the uncut version of the scene, which shows more details and lasts longer than the edited one. In this article, we will explore what makes Galaxy of Terror such a cult classic, how the worm scene was made, and what impact it has had on the genre and the audience.</p>

Galaxy Of Terror Worm Scene Uncut

<h2>The Plot of Galaxy of Terror</h2>

<p>The movie follows a group of space explorers who are sent on a rescue mission to a mysterious planet called Morganthus. There, they encounter a strange pyramid that seems to manifest their deepest fears and nightmares. One by one, they are killed by their own phobias, such as spiders, zombies, tentacles, fire, etc. The worm scene happens when one of the crew members, Dameia (played by Taaffe O'Connell), is attacked by a huge maggot-like creature that rips off her clothes and rapes her to death. The twist is that the pyramid is actually a device created by an ancient race called the Masters, who use it to test their potential successors. The only survivor of the mission, Cabren (played by Edward Albert), turns out to be one of them.</p>

<h3>The Making of the Worm Scene</h3>

<p>The worm scene was inspired by a painting by H.R. Giger, who also designed the alien creature for Alien (1979), another sci-fi/horror film produced by Roger Corman. The worm was created by James Cameron, who later became famous for directing Titanic (1997) and Avatar (2009). He used latex, foam rubber, air hoses, and slime to make it look realistic and disgusting. The scene was filmed in one day, but it was very difficult and uncomfortable for both O'Connell and Cameron. O'Connell had to wear a thin body suit that barely covered her private parts, while Cameron had to operate the worm manually from underneath. The scene was also very controversial and disturbing for many viewers and critics, who considered it gratuitous, exploitative, misogynistic, or even pornographic. Some countries banned or censored the scene completely, while others only showed a few seconds of it. The uncut version of the scene lasts about two minutes and shows more close-ups of O'Connell's face and body as she is violated by the worm.</p>

<h4>The Legacy of Galaxy of Terror</h4>

<p>Despite its low budget and negative reviews, Galaxy of Terror has become a cult classic among sci-fi/horror fans. It has influenced many other films in the genre, such as Event Horizon (1997), Cube (1997), Pitch Black (2000), Saw (2004), etc. It has also been homaged or parodied by shows like Futurama (1999-2013), Family Guy (1999-present), Robot Chicken (2005-present), etc. The movie has gained a loyal fan base that appreciates its campy style, its creative effects, its diverse cast, its twisted plot, and its shocking scenes. Some fans even consider Galaxy of Terror to be better than Alien or Star Wars. The movie has also sparked debates and discussions about its themes, its symbolism, its message, and its morality. The worm scene in particular has been analyzed from different perspectives: some see it as a metaphor for sexual violence or trauma; some see it as a commentary on gender roles or power dynamics; some see it as a reflection of O'Connell's character or fear; some see it as a form of art or expression; some see it as nothing but entertainment or fantasy.</p>


<p>Galaxy of Terror is a movie that has divided opinions and emotions for over four decades. It is a movie that challenges its viewers to confront their own fears and fantasies. It is a movie that pushes the boundaries of horror and science fiction. It is a movie that features one of the most controversial scenes in cinema history: the worm scene uncut. Whether you love it or hate it, you cannot deny its impact and influence on the genre and the culture.</p>

<p>What do you think about Galaxy of Terror? Have you seen the worm scene uncut? How did it make you feel? Share your thoughts and comments below.</p>



<tr><td>Q: When was Galaxy of Terror released?</td><td>A: Galaxy of Terror was released on October 2nd 1981 in USA.</td></tr>

<tr><td>Q: Who directed Galaxy of Terror?</td><td>A: Galaxy of Terror was directed by Bruce D. Clark.</td></tr>

<tr><td>Q: Who produced Galaxy of Terror?</td><td>A: Galaxy of Terror was produced by Roger Corman.</td></tr>

<tr><td>Q: Who starred in Galaxy of Terror?</td><td>A: Galaxy of Terror starred Edward Albert Erin Moran Ray Walston Taaffe O'Connell Robert Englund Sid Haig Grace Zabriskie Zalman King Bernard Behrens Jack Blessing Mary Ellen O'Neill</td></tr>

<tr><td>Q: Where can I watch Galaxy of Terror?</td><td>A: You can watch Galaxy of Terror on DVD Blu-ray VOD or streaming services like Amazon Prime Video Tubi TV YouTube etc.</td></tr>




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