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For Women Fashion

Be a street style superstar in the latest casual women's shoes from New Balance. Our collection is curated to deliver timeless designs, contemporary fit and eye-catching colors. Strut in confidence with bold colorways and unique designs to make a statement wherever you go. Each piece in this collection pairs effortlessly with go-to tops and leggings for a casual classic look. These women's retro shoes feature year-round staples that are always a perfect fit.

for women fashion


Whether you're searching for casual fashion sneakers to max out in on the weekends or something more edgy to show off to your friends, we've got you covered. Our broad lineup of trendy women's footwear is full of premium must-haves that are sure to give your outfit that extra boost. New Balance women's classic shoes feature iconic models that have earned their place in footwear history. From subtle greys to fun vibrant designs, our selection of cool sneakers for women will have you blazing the trail of style among your crew. Retro shoe models like the iconic 574 are proof that these trends won't fade, and we're here to provide you with the latest colorways to fill your closet. Take your wardrobe up a notch with women's sport style shoes. We assure you these cute sneakers can do it all. If you're in the mood for something a little more old-school, channel your west coast mindset with a pair of court classic retro tennis shoes for women. This line of iconic low-profile silhouettes is the perfect blend of sleek design and seriously fashionable colors.

Our women's casual shoe line is here to put an effortless touch of elegance on the days look no matter what's planned. If you have a love for women's trendy sneakers, make sure you keep an eye on this page. From our exclusive New Balance releases to regular seasonal drops, they go quickly.

Have you ever noticed that there are some women who have a consistent quality about them that feels both effortless and perfectly polished? You get the impression that the way they dress just comes naturally, and what feels impossible to you looks like an innate skill they possess.

The truth is, for these women, fashion has much less to do with a hidden talent and is much more based on knowing what works for them and following a few guiding principles. They build a strategy for their personal style so that majority of the guesswork is eliminated right off the bat and getting dressed in the morning is a breeze.

One of the best style tips for women is learning how to master balance. If you hold more weight on the bottom, the trick is to offset it by adding more volume to your top (think structured shoulders, jackets with breast pockets). If your bust or shoulders are bigger, than you fool the eye into creating visual balance by increasing the weight on your lower half (ie. A-line skirt, wide leg pants).

A capsule wardrobe is the intersection between fashion and functionality, where everything in your closet can be mixed and matched with ease and has a cohesive theme running through it. Think of it as your own personal uniform in the sense that everything works together by setting the foundation for your personal style. When you have a capsule wardrobe, getting dressed in the morning becomes that much easier. Everything already pairs together so the guesswork is removed from making great outfits.

Being a woman is challenging enough without the added social pressure of having to fit a style-by-numbers approach to dressing. As with everything in fashion, the most important element is how we feel and what our clothing-choices do to elevate our confidence.

Oftentimes an inexpensive garment can be made to look more high-end by upgrading the buttons or zippers for something more unique or ornate. This is an overlooked style tip for women, because it requires a little extra work. But the elevated results are well worth the time-investment!

Women are often intimidated by suiting because their mind conjures up images of shoulder pads and over-sized lapels from the 80s. But luckily the styles of today are much trendier and female oriented, often lending themselves from the boardroom straight into every day fashion.

As women we often feel obligated to wear high heels, or even pressured by our employer, as a way of displaying our power and femininity. While this may be manageable for some, spending 8 hours a day in uncomfortable footwear can wreak havoc on your body for others. And as we always say, comfort needs to come before style in order to ensure you feel your best.

Stylish Women's Clothing at Cato FashionsAt Cato Fashions, on-trend clothing, elegant staples, and classic styles are our specialty! Our collection includes women's fashion tops, sweaters, denim, pants, cropped pants, dresses, jackets, suits, skirts, shorts, athleisure, sleep, intimates, and all wardrobe essentials.

Whether you're looking to revamp your entire closet with fresh, trendy pieces or need a new statement outfit for a special event, Cato Fashions has an array of inspiring choices to help you achieve your fashion goals.

Our ladies' fashion experts are dedicated to curating a line of trendy, versatile clothing for women like you. We're here to inspire you with the latest trends and ensure your closet is ready for your next chapter with classic pieces that never go out of style.

Turn heads everywhere you go with elevated women's clothing, swimwear and lingerie from VENUS! Find runway-inspired clothing styles to fit every body from size small to 3X. Shop Destination VENUS for resort wear, stylish work wear, elegant dresses and all your wardrobe staples.

Style seekers, update your look for spring with the latest women's clothing online featuring everything from trendy dresses and tops to flattering jeans. Update your look for vacation with resort wear and swimwear in the season's top trends and colors. VENUS has stylish women's clothing and swimwear for every sun kissed day and elevated evening.

Our online women's fashion store has the couture you need for every event from work to play. Look your best at work with stylish career wear like dresses, shirts and blouses, professional pants, blazers and more fashion forward clothing.

Our lingerie store also includes underwear essentials. The right underwear makes your whole outfit look better. Shapewear allows you to perfect your silhouette and accentuate your curves in all the right places. It can smooth out the look of tight-fitting dresses. Alsofind supportive bras and panties that streamline your shape for the ultimate underwear fashion statement.

Check out our fashion trends, where you can see the hottest fashion clothing collections. You can quickly and easily find women's fashion that's in this season. VENUS is your one stop shop for the best women's fashion clothing, and we're still among the BEST in swimwear stores, carrying the hottest styles in ladies bathing suits!

If you've found that your reliable go-to fashion clothing retailers seem to be too matronly or too juvenile, you're not alone. And you're likely over 40. There's something about turning 40 where you change so much and your wardrobe doesn't seem to keep up. You have different priorities, your body changes regardless of diet and exercise, and your lifestyle changes require different needs and different style from your clothing.

It's a big reason why I created Wardrobe Oxygen. Our lives and our styles change as we grow and I wanted to be a resource to offer ways to have your wardrobe grow with your life. If you like retailers like Ann Taylor that is totally fine, but you should always have more options. Below I share my tips for the best clothing retailers for women over 40.

When compiling this list of the best clothing retailers for women over 40, I thought of the ones that offer chic and stylish fashion clothing that works for the body and the life of a grown woman. I don't believe there are rules for what women over 40 should and should not wear; we're grown women who can wear whatever makes us happy.

However, I and many women I have known and have connected with that are part of the Wardrobe Oxygen community share that with growth comes knowledge. We know what silhouettes make us feel confident, what sorts of laundry instructions we're willing to follow and which are too much time or trouble, what fabrics work for our position at work or our weekend hobbies, and how we're looking for clothes and accessories that will last longer than a season.

The retailers I share below focus on clothes for women that are more polished, whether they are casual or corporate, higher quality and styles that are on-trend without being so trendy they will look passe in a year.

If you're looking for cool, modern, yet still office-appropriate workwear, Argent is a great place to shop. Classic suiting with an edge, modern cuts for blazers, and chic separates that go beyond the boardroom to weekends and social situations, Argent offers relaxed and cool sophistication that looks ultra-chic on grown women.

Creating workwear that is vibrant and cool while also being incredibly functional (hello as many pockets as found in a man's suit), Argent is a retailer to watch for any age, but especially for women over 40. Do note Argent only goes up to size 14. If you're new to the brand, check out their Starter Kit where you can try Argent without paying a dime.

Quirky prints, interesting details, and great quality makes Boden a place you should check out. The thing is, Boden's quirkiness is sophisticated and looks better on grown-up women than those right out of college.

If you think of Chico's and envision polyester palazzo pants and quirky embroidered tunics, you haven't visited this retailer in a long while. While Chico's still offers comfortable and creative fashion, the look has streamlined with the trends offering quite chic options in a range of sizes up to 20/22 with many available in petites, tall, and lengths. 041b061a72


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