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[S1E8] One Night Only _VERIFIED_

It warmed my heart to see Archie and friends come help for the first day. My only issue, strangely enough, is with Moose's attack. For someone being roughed up by thugs, he didn't look too shaken or roughed up. He handled the situation, but I expected more after something like that happens.

[S1E8] One Night Only


In the previous episode, we saw how desperately Flint needed an ally that shared his vision. Although Silver shares this vision only so far as it pertains to him acquiring some gold, they are undeniably a good match. Both smart men who can create new plans in an instant, they are formidable when working together.

Did u seriously say the sexiest display of determination u have ever seen?? He like crawled a couple inches n he was only shot n the shoulder..u must not watch much tv lol bc that what the lamest display of determination ive ever seen..he moved an inch n still didnt light it lmao wth..its a good show but like did u write this bc ur in love w flint or something?? Hes a snake..should b dead already..not sexy n not determined just a lying snake

The sound beep was probably (given that it happened exactly at midnight) an NBC network top-of-the-hour time signal. Guessing whoever was running the sound board that nite had a fader open that should have been turned down.

This episode firstly discusses some of the solutions to the problems we tackled in the previous episodes and then we tackle the concept of why empirical reality is not necessarily the only way we define truth.We discuss the absurdity of "Atheist Muslims" and why this concept has no place in the religion.Listen to Part 2: -society/ep9?in=safina-society/sets/the-safina-society-podcast Check out the Uwaylim Scholarship track at

In the episode, Claire wants to make a special gift to Phil for their anniversary since she always picks the worst presents for him, while he chooses some amazing ones. All the kids are gathered at Jay's house for a sleepover, in a night that Jay calls "Jay's night". Haley does not want to be there and wants to go to a party with Dylan, but Dylan ends up being part of the sleepover with all of them. Mitch and Cameron go out to meet their party friend, Sal, so they can have fun for the first time in a long time only to realize that Sal is jealous of Lily.

Haley is unable to convince her parents to let her attend the party (which is only three blocks away from Jay's house) and ends up at his sleepover. She makes an attempt to sneak out of the house but is thwarted by Jay. Gloria convinces him to change his mind, so he finds Dylan in the backyard and invites him in, saying he will allow him to take Haley to the party for a few hours. However Dylan would prefer to stay for the family fun of "Jay's Night", so neither of them end up going to the party.

Cameron (Eric Stonestreet) and Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) call their party-girl friend, Sal (Elizabeth Banks), for a night on the town but the results of the night are decidedly mixed when Sal starts making some comments about Lily that scare Cam and Mitchell. While trying to figure out why Sal does not want Lily, they realize she is jealous.

Her suspicion only grew in the weeks that followed, as Josh made a hasty retreat from the West Valley City, Utah home the couple had shared for five years. He all but abandoned the house, in favor of living with his father, Steve Powell, in the community of South Hill on the outskirts of Puyallup, Washington.

Ted Lasso picks up the morning after the historic win at Goodison Park against Everton. It was a wild night and it looks like everyone needs more time to recover after all their celebratory drinking. Fearing he might miss the trip back home, Nate passes out in the luggage compartment on the bus. Elsewhere, both Rebecca and Ted manage the awkwardness following a one-night stand.[Spoilers Ahead]

Sandwiched in between the tender moment between Joel and Ellie and the emotional reunion that is to eventually come are some of the more horrific and graphic scenes of this entire show. These moments, eagerly awaited by gameplayers, are meant to reflect not only what someone in this type of world will do to stay alive, but also what someone will do to protect someone they love.

Episode 8 of AGT: All-Stars will have the Top 11 contestants perform in the finals round. They will perform in front of judges Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, and Howie Mandel, as well as the show's live audience. This time, however, they will level up their performances and give viewers "never seen before" skills. Fans will have a tough decision to make, considering they can only crown one winner out of 11 performances.

This week's episode of AGT: All-Stars will have viewers enjoy the Top 11 giving some of their best performances in the competition to clench the title and get their show in Las Vegas. The first six weeks of the competition saw ten contestants each, out of which only two were chosen to move to the final round. In the last week of auditions, only one act was chosen to move forward.

A few preview clips from the AGT: All-Stars episode have released the performances of ventriloquist Ana-Maria and hand balancers Bello Sisters. The two acts have only gotten better than their audition performances. Anna-Maria took her ventriloquism to a new level with a brand new puppet, and the Bello Sisters delivered a fiery act blindfolded that left the judges and viewers stunned.

Season 1 of AGT: All-Stars saw 60 contestants from all over the world across different Got Talent franchises perform in front of the judges and viewers to gain enough votes to reach the Top 11. Now that the finalists have been decided, it is only time that one of them will be crowned the winner. Viewers will have to stay tuned to witness all of it.

She-Hulk: Attorney At Law may not air on Disney Plus on the exact same night that its predecessors did, but each episode will debut at the same time of the day we have become familiar with. Thus, US audiences can tune into the eighth episode on Thursday, October 6, at midnight PT/3:00 a.m. ET/2:00 a.m. CT.

Buffy accuses Xander of jealousy, and Xander denies vehemently, claiming he is just worried about Willow because they have no idea if Malcolm is who he says he is. The scene cuts to Fritz mumbling "I'm jacked in" and he slices his arm in the form of the letter "M." As Willow is late on the next day, Buffy finds that she blew off classes to talk to "Malcolm." When Buffy asks for Dave for help finding out Malcolm's real identity, his angry response causes her to think that he is Malcolm. When Buffy asks Giles for help, he confesses he cannot help her much as he finds technology to be intimidating. His only idea is for Buffy to follow Dave. As Buffy follows him to the CRD building, a security camera points at her, and a message appears on a computer screen Fritz is looking at: "Kill her."

S'mores are up next, but Rarity's perfectionism once again clashes with the more laid-back Applejack. The two take the next event, "truth or dare", as an excuse to dare each other to do things they hate, with Rarity being dared to stand in the rain and let her mane get all wet, and Applejack being dared to put on a frilly party dress. After Twilight is literally caught in the crossfire of a nasty pillow fight, she gives up and convinces the two to call it a night.

Turns out there is, as lightning strikes the top of a nearby tree, threatening to bring it down on a neighboring house. Applejack is quick to try and pull it away, but her reckless roping brings it crashing through the window of Twilight's tree house instead! With the storm outside worsening and a neurotic (and likely concussed) Twilight freaking out over whether or not a tree coming through the window fits into the slumber party itinerary, Applejack and Rarity are forced to set aside their differences in order to shift the fallen tree. Once the crisis is averted, Twilight is pleased to see her friends getting along again, and the three get down to genuinely enjoying the night together.

Later on, Alliser Thorne taunts Jon that his father is a traitor, calling him, "not just a bastard, a traitor's bastard." Jon angrily charges at him with a knife and Thorne is only saved by Grenn and Pyp, who hold Jon back. Commander Mormont witnessed the incident and confines Jon to quarters for his trouble. That night, Jon is roused by a whining Ghost scratching at the door. Sensing trouble, Jon and his direwolf head to the Lord Commander's chambers where Jon is confronted by a wight, the reanimated corpse of the dead Night's Watchman. Though Jon is able to stab the wight through the chest with his sword, the wight simply removes the sword and is unharmed. Mormont appears, seeking out the commotion. Jon grabs Mormont's oil lamp and throws it at the wight, finally destroying it.

The morning after, the two wight bodies have been thoroughly burned. Sam says he read in a book that the dead are animated by the touch of the White Walkers and only fire can destroy such creatures. He hopes the Wall is big enough to hold them back when the Walkers come in force.

At the Eyrie, Catelyn is furious with Lysa: first for Lysa not immediately notifying her about Eddard's arrest and second, for refusing to consider summoning the knights of the Vale to war. Lysa, despite her actions of setting this in motion by implicating the Lannisters in Jon Arryn's death, does not believe that war is in the Vale's best interests. Lysa wants the knights to stay in the Vale to protect her son and their Lord.

At Winterfell, Robb holds a feast for several of his newly-arrived bannermen. Greatjon Umber assumes that he will lead the vanguard, and is offended by the suggestion that he would be made to march behind a Glover, threatening to withdraw from the host. In response, Robb promises that, after the conflict with the Lannisters, he will oust Greatjon from his keep and hang him for breaking his oaths to House Stark; when the enraged bannerman goes to draw a weapon, Robb's direwolf Grey Wind sets upon him, biting off two of his fingers. Robb recites 'that it [is] death to bear steel against your liege lord' but then diffuses the situation by excusing Greatjon's aggression, saying that 'doubtless, the Greatjon only meant to cut my meat for me'. The Greatjon roars with laughter and accepts Robb's commands, much to the shock of Bran, who witnessed the entire incident. Robb says farewell to Bran and to Rickon, who is convinced he'll see neither Robb nor his parents again. 041b061a72


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