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State-of-the-art solar panel offers over 42% more battery charging power. Will operate for 21 days in total darkness. Features solid-state cicuitry, shocks through wet weeds and brush. Ideal for mo...Read More



This project explores performing statistical signal processing with analog circuits. The first instantiation is a low-complexity circuit for phase acquisition and tracking of a pseudo-random sequence generated by an LFSR. Eventually we hope to scale the complexity of this kind of cicuitry to be able to perform any high-speed signal processing desired for a digital wireless front-end. In many application domains, this approach could be 10 to 100 times more efficient in terms of power consumption and square millimeters of silicon than the equivalent digital signal processor (DSP).

The JK-3000+ is an economical grade handheld card counter engineered with sophisticated cicuitry and high-percision optical sensors making it an ideal portable counting solution for any card manufacturer or personalization bureau. It can count a variety of card types including embossed cards.

If the outer casing of an appliance is made of metal, then it can be made safe by 'earthing'. The live and neutral wires from the plug are connected to the cicuitry of the appliance (in the diagram below - that is the motor circuit) and the earth wire from the plug is fixed to the metal case.

Here's the small Megavibe, it features the exact same cicuitry as found in the large Megavibe-just half the size! it gets the tone that the Megavibe is famous for and features: Volume, Intensirty and Speed controls and true bypass footswitch. Price: $ 325.00 plus $14.35 for s & h. ($339.35 includes shipping) Shipped USPS Priority Mail. US only. Available here:Small Megavibe

Opto couplers are used toisolate the external wiring from the internal cicuitry of theMintron camera. This prevents static discharge from damaging thecamera. Although most any opto coupler should work, I used the 4N32 because I just happened to havequite a few on hand. The 4N32 opto coupler provides 2500 voltisolation. Since I am running 50 to 150 feet of control cablebetween the telescope and the house this IS important especiallywhen the humidity is low and static discharge is common!

Sounds like a faulty battery or charging cicuitry. One thing to try is to remove the battery, check the contacts on the battery and in the laptop where the battery goes. It may be unlikely, but possibly there is some contamination there.


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