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The Losing EdgeSouth Park : Season 9 Episode 5

I rarely get to mention this here, because so little of the show ever touches on baseball, but I have been a huge South Park fan for many, many years. The show tends to direct its satire more towards politics and popular culture, rather than sports, but the makers did include one episode in its ninth season that revolves around Little League baseball.

The Losing EdgeSouth Park : Season 9 Episode 5

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The boys of South Park have found themselves in Little League Baseball, which their parents love and are extremely enthusiastic about, while the kids hate the sport. After winning their final game of the regular season, they soon find themselves stuck in the State Championships of Little League, and while they attempt to throw their games in an attempt to save their summer from being taken over by baseball, every other team they face has the same idea and South Park Cows have little experience with losing... 041b061a72


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