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The Youth Of Today ? An Interview With Cassels

With scientific studies showing that juvenile brains are not fully developed and youth crimes being punished more harshly than ever before, children need more protections when police interview them, said panelists in the Conference on Public Service & the Law's juvenile law panel Feb. 12.

The Youth of Today – An interview with Cassels

"The key [to avoiding false confessions] is not to tell them the facts," Garrett added. He said he always talked to prosecutors before going to arrest a suspect, and spent hours reviewing the Malvo case prior to the interview. The reality is, "people don't talk to you unless they want to talk to you." Sometimes a suspect needs to feel comfortable first, so "you try to develop a rapport with the person you're talking to."

Garrett responded that there were hundreds of cases in big cities that involve youths. "You're just not going to be able to be that sensitive," he said, noting that it boils down to the ethical boundaries of interviewers. High-profile cases like that of the Central Park jogger undoubtedly involve more pressure, and some detectives may crack.

Block suggested that perhaps juvenile confessions could be taped, but Garrett said there are logistical issues to consider: there are only so many rooms that are equipped with audio and video equipment in police stations, and lengthy interviews would be difficult to tape. Garrett said he does occasionally tape the actual confession rather than the interview leading up to the confession.

Cassel noted that in the Malvo case a jurisdictional issue kept a court-appointed guardian and attorney blocked from the interview, although they banged on the door to get in. "There ought to be an age at which kids are not questioned" without an attorney or parental involvement, she said.

The movie is made with such style. The dialogue is constructed as a neorealism Italian comedy, like Big Deal on Madonna Street. It's almost like a comedy throughout the movie, but it's a dramatic movie. It tickles you, tickles you, tickles you, and then it slaps you really hard in the face. That recipe still works today.

Back in January, France felt the sting of ideologically motivated violence when al-Qaeda affiliates Saïd and Chérif Kouachi opened fire at the offices of Parisian satire newspaper Charlie Hebdo in response to anti-Islamist cartoons, killing 12 and harming 11 more. In a recent interview with The Guardian, Paris-born actor Vincent Cassel mentioned that the act of terrorism resonated with him in a very personal way. He harkened back to his controversial 1995 film La Haine, which he signed on for in an effort to bring the roiling racial tensions in urban Paris to light.

While he read, his cell phone buzzed. It was Scott Pioli of the New England Patriots offering an interview that led back to the NFL, that led to jobs with the Patriots, Texans and Titans, and ultimately to the Dignity Health Arizona Cardinals Training Center on Tuesday as the Cardinals' new general manager.

Today, Malak is a leader, a peacebuilder, and a role model for hundreds of youth leaders in and around Jerusalem. She is currently pursuing her post-secondary studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Communication, Journalism and International Relations. At PeacePlayers, she is currently working with the global team as a member of the Leadership Academy Steering Committee and is due to begin coaching again.

Stuart joined PeacePlayers Northern Ireland in October 2022. Stuart is married and has twoyoung daughters and lives in the picturesque town of Carrickfergus. Stuart has workedwithin the sports industry for over 12 years, with two charitable youth organisations. Stuart has BCs Honours degree from Ulster University in Football Coaching with Business Management.Stuart is passionate football and a general sports fan and has seen firsthand how the tool of sport can open up opportunities to help young people grow and reach their full potential. He is excited to be part of an organisation that is passionate about bringing about positive change in communities through sport and changing the lives of young people.

Pre-COVID, my family and I had a very active faith-based charity named Flirt w/ Life where through a partnership with Chicago Public Schools, City Colleges, DePaul University, we hosted an awesome mentoring opportunity for youth, high school and pre-professionals at the infamous Gold Coast Dave & Busters in Chicago. We also host a motorcycle safety and awareness initiative where we partner with the City of Chicago, the Chicago Police Department, and several other State ran motorcycle licensing and training entities to encourage riders to take free State ran training courses. Through our great partnerships we also co-host a series of other awesome events.

Before transitioning to the Clippers, Unrau spent time with the Positive Coaching Alliance, Los Angeles Chapter as the Project Support Manager where she helped support community partners in the delivery of PCA Coach Education programming. Unrau had the opportunity to work with PeacePlayers multiple summers starting in 2014 serving as the VIP of its youth basketball camps held in Cyprus.

Wayne Freeman grew up playing basketball in Chino, CA, playing at the Park East neighborhood park, Briggs fundamental school, and the Neighborhood Activity Center before helping lead the Don Lugo Conquistadores boys varsity high school basketball team to the CIF playoffs as the starting point guard, co-captain, and 2005 leadership player of the year. He then moved on to coach youth basketball and serve as a Community Service leader and specialist for the City of Chino for 8 years, working in various after school, athletic, educational, and community service and outreach programs. After receiving his BA degree in Anthropology from the University of California Riverside, he went on to earn his MA degree in Communication, and his PhD (ABD) degree in Ethnic Studies from the University of Colorado Boulder. In Colorado, he also served as an Athletics specialist for the Boys and Girls Club of Metro Denver, coordinated and conducted qualitative research on community-based sports, education, and mentorship programs at the high school and college level, and spent 8 years as an instructor for the University of Colorado Boulder, teaching multiple courses for the Communication department and the Ethnic Studies department, especially Critical Sports Studies, which examines the interplay of sports and society. He also served as a basketball clinic instructor for the Boulder Empowerment Center in Lafayette, CO, a tutor for the CU Boulder athletics department, instructor and Critical Sports and Movement coordinator for the CU Boulder Aquetza program, and Boys and Girls club boys 16-18 basketball coach. Most recently, his roles have included the Critical Sports coach for the SoCal Heat basketball club, integrating teachings on basketball history, sports and society, and community service projects into basketball training and conducting research on the program, and an Outreach Worker for the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment in Los Angeles. Wayne lives in Los Angeles with his wife and three children. He is very excited to join Peace Players Los Angeles!


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