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Eternal Dread 3: A Grim Dark RPG with Loads of Game Over Scenarios

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Equal parts stoner pulp thriller and psycho-physiological horror story, a pervasive sense of dread mixes with a cloud of weed smoke to seep into every line of the disturbing, complex Under This Terrible Sun. Originally published by illustrious Spanish publishers Editorial Anagrama, Under This Terrible Sun is Argentine ...

But, as the wedding-day drew near,the dread of it showed itself to Mrs.Reade, if to no one else, in the dumbeloquence of the sensitive, truth-tellingface. That little person who had sucha talent for managing, stood aside at[10]this crisis, and did not intermeddle withthe strange course of events.

All her powers were concentratedupon a desperate effort to postpone thatbreaking-down which she had dreaded,and which she felt was inevitable, untilshe could shut herself within fourwalls again. But she could not postponeit.

"Didn't you hear? He had adreadful accident. He was breaking-ina young horse that was very wild,and it bucked him off, or did something,and he fell on his head. It isa wonder he didn't break his neck.[52]No one saw it happen, for he wasaway on the plains by himself, andit was only when he did not comehome at night that Mr. Gordon wentto look for him. They were a longtime finding him, and he had beenthere for hours, and he was quiteinsensible. There were some wild dogssniffing at him, as if he were reallydead. Indeed, Mr. Gordon said, ifthey hadn't found him when theydid, the dingoes would probably havemade an end of him. Was it notdreadful?"

Disturbed as he was, he was greatlyrelieved that the meeting he had alwaysdreaded was over, and had taken placeso quietly; and poor as was his estimationof the abstract woman, he hadthe most implicit faith in his wife'ssincerity.

"Ah, my dear, I don't know it!Remember that dreadful duel! And howcan you tell that he doesn't wantyou now for your money? He hasnone of his own, and you have agreat fortune that he could squanderas he liked. Everyone will saythat it was for the sake of yourmoney."

Should all risks of poverty and socialignominy, with their long train of[249]trials and temptations, involving thewelfare of innocent relatives and unbornchildren, be dared in an irrevocablemoment of enthusiasm for one'sfaith in the eternal fidelity of any manor woman?


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