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ARK: Survival Evolved 1.0.78 APK - Experience the Thrill of Taming 80+ Dinosaurs

Download ARK: Survival Evolved 1.0.78:- Purchasing/restoration fixes- Fixed single player saving issues- Armor & weapons now display stats- Fixed crash viewing longer ads on Android- Increased placement limits of turrets from 5 to 10 & they deal 2X more damage & have 2X more HP.- Added bed markers onto NAVKIT- Optimized server browser for better usability- Tribe ownership now transfers if a leader doesn't log in for over a week

Get Version1.0.78ARK: Survival Evolved APK old version 1.0.78Download ARK: Survival Evolved APK old version 1.0.78 for Android phones and tablets from the original developers on Google Play or other store. Please read all the information about the APK file so you can know that it is the correct ARK: Survival Evolved APK old version 1.0.78 that you are looking for. Check if newer updated version is available.

ark survival evolved 1.0.78 apk


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