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Download II Mortal Kombat: The Ultimate Fighting Game Experience

Download II Mortal Kombat: A Guide to the Classic Fighting Game

If you are a fan of fighting games, you have probably heard of Mortal Kombat, one of the most popular and influential franchises in the genre. But have you played Mortal Kombat II, the sequel that improved and expanded the original game in every way? If not, you are missing out on a classic that still holds up today as one of the best fighting games ever made.

download ii mortal kombat

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Mortal Kombat II, including its features, characters, stages, fatalities, and how to download it on various platforms. We will also share some tips and tricks to help you master the game and defeat your opponents. Whether you are a newcomer or a veteran of the series, this guide will help you enjoy Mortal Kombat II to the fullest.


What is Mortal Kombat II?

Mortal Kombat II is a 1993 arcade fighting game originally produced by Midway for the arcades. It is the second main installment in the Mortal Kombat franchise and a sequel to 1992's Mortal Kombat, which introduced the world to a new style of fighting game with realistic graphics, digitized actors, and brutal finishing moves called fatalities.

Mortal Kombat II improved the gameplay and expanded the mythos of the original Mortal Kombat, introducing more varied finishing moves (including several fatalities per character and new finishers, such as babality and friendship) and several iconic characters, such as Kitana, Mileena, Kung Lao, Noob Saibot, and the series' recurring villain, Shao Kahn. The game's plot continues from the first game, featuring the next Mortal Kombat tournament set in the otherdimensional realm of Outworld, with the Outworld and Earthrealm representatives fighting each other on their way to challenge the evil emperor Shao Kahn.

Why should you play Mortal Kombat II?

Mortal Kombat II is widely regarded as one of the best fighting games ever made, and for good reasons. Here are some of them:

  • It has a simple but deep gameplay system that is easy to learn but hard to master. You can perform basic attacks, special moves, combos, blocks, throws, and counters with intuitive controls and timing. You can also use environmental hazards and stage fatalities to finish off your opponents in spectacular ways.

  • It has a diverse and memorable roster of 12 playable characters (plus 4 hidden ones), each with their own personality, backstory, fighting style, special moves, and fatalities. You can choose from ninjas, monks, warriors, cyborgs, mutants, sorcerers, and more. You can also unlock secret characters by performing certain actions or entering codes.

  • It has a rich and immersive lore that expands the universe of Mortal Kombat with new realms, races, factions, and events. You can learn more about the history and mythology of the series by reading the bios, endings, dialogues, and secrets of each character. You can also discover hidden easter eggs and references to other media.

  • It has a high replay value thanks to its multiple modes and features. You can play solo or with a friend in arcade mode, versus mode, or practice mode. You can also challenge yourself with different difficulty levels and settings. You can also customize your experience with various options and cheats.

It has a timeless aesthetic that still looks great today. The game uses digitized graphics that capture the realistic movements and expressions of real actors. The game also has a dark and gritty atmosphere that suits the theme of mortal combat. The game also has a catchy and atmospheric soundtrack composed by Dan Ford

Shang Tsung

A powerful sorcerer and the host of the first Mortal Kombat tournament. He has the ability to shapeshift into any character and use their moves. He serves Shao Kahn as his right-hand man.

Morph, Fire Skulls, Soul Steal, Body Switch


A princess of Edenia who was adopted by Shao Kahn when he conquered her realm. She uses a pair of steel fans as her weapons. She secretly plots to overthrow Shao Kahn with the help of Liu Kang.

Fan Throw, Fan Lift, Square Wave Punch, Flying Punch


A Special Forces officer who is Sonya Blade's partner and friend. He has cybernetic arms that enhance his strength and durability. He joins the Outworld tournament to rescue Sonya from Shao Kahn's clutches.

Gotcha Grab, Dash Punch, Ground Pound, Back Breaker


A clone of Kitana who was created by Shang Tsung using Tarkatan DNA. She has a pair of sai as her weapons and a hideous mouth full of sharp teeth. She serves Shao Kahn as his loyal enforcer and assassin.

Sai Throw, Teleport Kick, Roll, Leaping Neckbite


A warrior of the Tarkatan race, a nomadic mutant clan allied with Shao Kahn. He has long blades protruding from his arms and a fierce appearance. He leads the attack on the Shaolin temple at the beginning of the game.

Blade Spark, Blade Swipe, Blade Fury, Neck Slice


A specter who was once a human ninja of the Shirai Ryu clan. He was killed by Sub-Zero and resurrected by Quan Chi to serve him. He seeks revenge against Sub-Zero for killing him and his family.

Spear, Teleport Punch, Air Throw, Fire Breath


The god of thunder and the protector of Earthrealm. He has the power to manipulate electricity and fly. He guides and assists the Earthrealm warriors in their fight against Shao Kahn.

Lightning Bolt, Teleport, Torpedo, Shocking Touch

Stages and fatalities

Mortal Kombat II features 12 stages (plus 3 hidden ones), each with their own theme and background. The stages are:

  • The Dead Pool: A pool of acid surrounded by hooks and chains. The player can perform a stage fatality by uppercutting the opponent into the acid.

  • Kombat Tomb: A tomb with spikes on the ceiling. The player can perform a stage fatality by uppercutting the opponent onto the spikes.

  • The Wasteland: A barren desert with a portal to Outworld in the background.

  • The Tower: A tower with a view of Outworld's skyline.

  • The Armory: An armory with various weapons and armor on display.

  • The Pit II: A bridge over a pit of spikes. The player can perform a stage fatality by knocking the opponent off the bridge onto the spikes.

  • The Portal: A portal to another dimension with floating rocks and debris.

  • The Living Forest: A forest with living trees that have faces and can grab the player.

  • The Courtyard: A courtyard with statues of warriors and a throne where Shao Kahn sits and taunts the player.

  • Kahn's Arena: An arena where Shao Kahn hosts the final battle.

  • Goro's Lair: A hidden stage that can be accessed by entering a code or meeting certain criteria. It is a dark cave where Goro's skeleton lies.

  • Noob Saibot's Dorfen: A hidden stage that can be accessed by entering a code or meeting certain criteria. It is a black-and-white version of The Portal with Noob Saibot's name written on the floor.

In addition to stage fatalities, each character can perform two or more unique fatalities on their opponents, ranging from decapitation, dismemberment, incineration, impalement, explosion, and more. Some characters can also perform babalities (turning the opponent into a baby) or friendships (showing a friendly gesture instead of killing the opponent).

How to download Mortal Kombat II

Platforms and versionsMortal Kombat II has been ported and released on various platforms over the years, including home consoles, handheld devices, and computers. Some of the most notable versions are:

  • The Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) version: This version was released in 1994 and is considered one of the best ports of the game. It features all the characters, stages, moves, and fatalities of the arcade version, with improved graphics and sound. It also has some exclusive features, such as a tournament mode, a cheat menu, and a hidden character named Chameleon.

  • The Sega Genesis version: This version was also released in 1994 and is similar to the SNES version, but with some differences. It has lower graphics and sound quality, but it also has some advantages, such as faster gameplay, more blood and gore, and a hidden character named Smoke.

  • The Sega 32X version: This version was released in 1995 and is an enhanced version of the Genesis version. It has better graphics and sound quality, as well as some additional features, such as a zoom effect, a versus screen, and a hidden character named Khameleon.

  • The PlayStation version: This version was released in 1996 and is part of the Mortal Kombat Trilogy compilation, which includes all the characters, stages, moves, and fatalities from Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat II, and Mortal Kombat 3. It also has some new features, such as a combo system, an aggression meter, and a brutality finisher.

  • The Game Boy version: This version was released in 1994 and is a scaled-down version of the game. It features 8 playable characters (Liu Kang, Kung Lao, Johnny Cage, Reptile, Sub-Zero, Shang Tsung, Kitana, and Jax) and 4 stages (The Dead Pool, The Tower, The Pit II, and Kahn's Arena). It also has some unique features, such as a password system, a survival mode, and a hidden character named Jade.

The PC version: This version was released in 1994 and is a faithful port of the arcade version. It features all the characters, stages, moves, and fatalities of the arcade version, with high-resolution graphics and CD-quality sound. It also has some exclusive features, suc


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