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[S1E5] The Last Thing You Want Is To Wind Up Wi...

As they walk through an abandoned Army hospital, Joel stops and tells Ellie the truth about a gunshot wound to the head he mentioned back near Lincoln. Rather than from a fight, it was actually from a suicide attempt, prompted by Sarah's death as he once thought he had nothing left to live for. At the last second, he flinched. Ellie guesses that he is telling her the story to say that time heals all wounds, but Joel knowingly tells her, "It wasn't time that did it." Ellie remarks she is glad he failed to commit suicide. As they continue, he asks her to tell him some more bad puns. Due to the distraction, they fail to notice two guards following them until one throws a flashbang grenade, and Joel is soon knocked out.

[S1E5] The Last Thing You Want Is to Wind Up Wi...

Cole lives with Aunt Josephine and goes to art school in Charlottetown. When Anne decides to do some research about her biological family, he accompanies her to her old orphanage. Anne has a breakdown after realizing that her parents might not be dead, but instead have abandoned her, and accuses her imagination for making her believe foolish things. Cole comforts her, telling her that her experiences and imagination are what give her such empathy, and the reason why she understands and accepts him. Anne wants to make sure that her parents are dead and that she was indeed loved: Cole suggests for her to check in the church, where they have records.

In Season 4, Leonard and Penny's relationship had a bit of awkwardness. In "The Love Car Displacement", Leonard and Penny try to have a one-night stand and Leonard thinks they've gotten back together, but Penny says it was a one-time thing and Leonard gets upset and results in him driving fast and being followed by the police. When Leonard starts dating Raj's sister Priya, Penny breaks down in tears, proving that she is NOT over him. Priya wanted Leonard to stop hanging out with Penny. Penny agreed to it to help Leonard move on with his relationship though their breakup didn't last. She hated Priya because of that and got upset with not talking to Leonard as much.

In "The Raiders Minimization", Penny purchases a psychology book that Beverly Hofstadter has written about all his problems growing up for a night school psychology class. Leonard finds out that Penny will do things he wants to do ditch going to a sports bar, watch geeky shows, and have sex and uses her. Leonard mentions it to Howard, who fails to try it with Bernadette, so his actions make it back to Penny. She dresses up for sex tempting him and then for revenge makes him Skype with his mother to discuss his actions much to Leonard's disgust.

In "The Hesitation Ramification" and "The Occupation Recalibration", Penny gets a part in the TV series "NCIS" and is very disappointed when her scene is cut and not aired. Frustrated and tipsy, she sees her life crumbling when Leonard reminds her that she still has him. She agrees with him and probably to show some advancement in her life, she kneels down and proposes to him. All Leonard can utter is "Umm", much like when he wouldn't succumb to her drunken advances after her Halloween party in "The Middle-Earth Paradigm". Penny gets very upset since she doesn't think he wants to marry her. After she storms out, Leonard is afraid to ask her if their relationship is now over. The a couple of days later he does visit Penny who assures him that they are still together and that he did the right thing not agreeing to her proposal because she was a mess. Now she has rethought her career and decides to quit the Cheesecake Factory and focus all of her time on acting. Leonard does support her though he is obviously worried about her.

In "The Gorilla Dissolution", Leonard and Penny get back in her apartment after she got fired from her killer ape movie. Penny wants to start making smarter decisions about her life. She says that they could get married and Leonard asks her to be serious, to which she is. Leonard wonders if he is a smart decision, like choosing a healthy boring bran muffin. Penny doesn't care what pastry he is because she is CHOOSING HIM. Leonard is still talking about being a pastry like a Cinnabon or a Strawberry Pop Tart; something that she is excited about. Penny tells him to forget about it. Leonard does want to marry her, but feels that she is just feeling sorry for herself because she was fired. Penny explains that it may seem that way, but getting fired made her realize that fame and fortune is not what is going make her happy. Leonard wants to know what will make her happy. "You, you stupid Pop Tart!" she yells at him. Leonard finally says that he guesses that he is in, which also bothers Penny. Leonard then retorts that it's an excited "I guess, I'm in" and they agree that they are engaged which still seems somewhat anti-climactic to both of them. To change the mood, Leonard pulls a diamond ring out of his wallet that he has had for a couple of years, gets down on one knee and asks Penny formally. Penny says "Oh my God, yes!" He slips the ring on her finger that still has ape hair glued to it and they lovingly embrace.

In "The First Pitch Insufficiency", Lenny goes on a double-date with Shamy where Sheldon is bragging about their relationship is so much better than theirs. Shamy has an 8.2 out of ten for relationship stability based upon well proven criteria. Leonard looks at it; however, Penny doesn't want to take the test. She already has his doubts and doesn't need them confirmed. They are engaged and still have very little in common which scares her. It also scares Leonard, but he still wants to face all their problems together. His reassurance really touches Penny and Amy who would like Sheldon to say things like that.

In "The Fortification Implementation", Leonard and Penny appear on Wil Wheaton's podcast for him and Penny to talk about and take calls about their horrible ape movie. Actor/director Kevin Smith calls in and is a big fan of the movie and he loved Penny's performance. He wants Penny to audition for his new movie "Clerks 3". Leonard reminds her that she already has a job. Penny and Leonard have an intense discussion about her career. She reminds him that they could have a wonderful life if she becomes Wealth or rich and famous. Leonard is just trying to protect her after all her other acting disappointments. Penny just wants him to be happy for her. He was happy for her when she got her current job that pays a decent wage. Decent? She makes twice what Leonard makes. Penny has been putting together a diversified portfolio of stocks and bonds with her broker. Leonard says he doesn't have one because he doesn't have any money. Penny wonders who the mature one now in this relationship is. Penny asks him if he would feel better if she did something stupid like sneaking out from work and trying out for a Kevin Smith movie. Leonard agrees and Wil Wheaton comments that Penny just played him like a violin.

In "The Commitment Determination", Sheldon keeps pushing them for a wedding date. The couple insists that they aren't in a hurry, are in a good place emotionally and are concentrating on their careers. Thinking about the wedding details they decide on a small church wedding dressed in black tie tuxes and no releasing of butterflies. Suddenly Penny smiles and sits close to Leonard. She tells him that she's free that night. They could go to Vegas and just get married. Leonard agrees. Sheldon is happy for them, but still doesn't want them to sit in his spot. Driving to Vegas, Penny is very happy and glad that they took their time to get to know each other. No surprises and no regrets. Leonard has one regret where he was drunk and made out with a woman on his North Sea expedition. Penny was not happy, but still wants to marry him. They were last seen still heading to Vegas to a wedding chapel.

Leonard carries Penny across the threshold and everything seems fine until they start to kiss. Penny can't help but think about Leonard kissing that other girl. Leonard tries to downplay the experience. He says he feels guilty every time he sees her. Penny finding out that he works with her and sees her on a regular basis doesn't make her not happy at all. The last scene of them together is both of them arguing as they come up the stairs of the apartment building and they each go into their own apartments.

In "The Sales Call Sublimation", Penny convinces Leonard to visit a psychiatrist so that she can give her a sales pitch for her meds. Both end up talking to her discussing their insecurities. Leonard seems out from under his mother's influence and wants to do things without worrying able how his mother judges him. Penny is told that she might be replacing his mother because Leonard is turning her into her, which is not true.

In "The Veracity Elasticity", Leonard learns from Howard that Penny has secretly been moving his collectibles into storage. Although he's mad that she doesn't feel guilty about it, he does understand that she really hasn't been feeling comfortable like she belongs there. He allows her to redecorate their room any way she wants it. Upon seeing Penny's new design for the bedroom, he immediately hides some of her stuff in her old closet.

In "The Procreation Calculation", Penny declares that she doesn't want to have children because their life is so great as it is and because of her experience on babysitting Howard and Bernadette's daughter Halley made her think she would be a terrible mother. Leonard then declares that that is one thing on his bucket list that he'll never do like when he wanted to own a Batmobile. In the end, Penny does rent him a Batmobile for the day.

"...Ken Kwapis [director] wanted us to personalize our desk for the pilot episode and moving forward. So we all brought something from home," Kinsey explained on the podcast. "I had a photo of myself and my grandmother [in] a frame that said 'I heart grandma.' And my eyes are closed in the photo, but my grandmother framed it anyway."

Ty is, reluctantly, helping put together Ben's new jumping course. When Amy goes to check on Melody in the middle of the night, Ty is already there. He suggests taking shifts, but they end up both staying there together. Jack invites Ty on the round-up he's going on. Ty get's really excited and asks Mallory for some more secret riding lessons. As they're leaving, Amy gives him one of Jack's old hats so he looks the part for the round-up. When they get to the round-up Ty recognizes the trail boss, Tim, from the open house. He stays with Jack and teases him when he goes off the path to try and find more cows. Jack asks Ty to stay with some cows while he gets a straggler. He's trying to impress Jack and hears another cow just off by a river, but he falls and his horse bolts. Jack comes back and finds him and they set up a camp in the woods. Ty starts to get freaked out by the wild animal noises when Tim appears with their horse. Tim helps bandage Ty's ribs and offers them both sandwiches, but Jack declines. When Jack and Tim end up arguing and then fighting he gets confused and Tim admits who he is. The next morning, they get back to the group , Ty thanks Tim for his help last night. Jack tells him that he isn't happy that they have become friends, but tells him he can keep the hat because he earned it. When they arrive back at Heartland he tells Lou about the fight between Tim and Jack. He finds Amy and talks to her about her dad and that if it was him he'd try and get to know him if he was so close by. (Come What May) Ty help Jack by fixing his truck, while doing so Mallory rambles about telling the people you like how you feel before it's too late. She looks as though she's about to tell Ty how she feels but backs out. He tries to help Amy with Gallant Prince until he gets charged by him and Amy helps clean him up. They have a nice moment when he tells her to see her dad. He drives Amy to Ryan's house, for her to try to get through to him again. When she comes back to the truck she looks upset, she tells Ty that she told Ryan about her mum and she starts to cry remembering what happened. Ty comforts her and tells her that he's there for her and that he wish he knew her before. They almost kiss but Amy pulls away, scared that things will change between them. He later, overhears Amy giving Ryan advice about things changing for the better and he tells her to take her own advice. When they are listening to Lou read out the article about them from the paper he talks to Amy and tries to convince her to give people as many chances as she does horses. (Out of the Darkness) 041b061a72


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