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Roblox Script - Murderer Vs. Sheriffs Kill Al...

@GoldenCheats the loader is a required part of the hub? its not to hide anything, the loader loads in the anti afk and also creates the config files then also finds the main script for whatever game your playing. and I dont know what your talking about the kill all, its basically been worked on to its perfection at this point lol (I spent a lot of time testing and trying to get it to work good)

Roblox Script - Murderer vs. Sheriffs | Kill Al...

Download File:

In this script, you will win easily in one click, after you activate the Script, it will kill all the gamers instantly, and the new round will start, It is a fun, trolling script which will help you win easily in the game without doing anything much. 041b061a72


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