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Biomedical Engineering

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Zeus Patches BETTER

We can make custom embroidered patches from your logo, design, or concept, and there are no minimums. You could just get one patch, or you could get 100,000. Of course, the more you order, the less expensive your cost per patch, due to bulk discounts.

Zeus Patches

Download File:

The size and order quantity determine the price of your patch. We do not charge extra for multiple colors of thread and our prices are quoted with Velcro included. Subtract $0.25 for any patches without Velcro.

We have a minimum order quantity of 50 patches, and you can reorder as few as 25 patches. The minimum quantity for our patches applies to each design. This is because each design requires a different digitized image that instructs the machine how to stitch your patch. We do offer discounts on the same patch design in different colors, such as a color patch and a companion desert or OCP patch.

Remove this part. Previously, it was (incorrectly) documented that this should be added to local.conf, but this brought RPi out of line with all other boards, so we removed it for zeus. The reason it worked in previous branches is that the patching methods were different, and they automatically fixed this behind your back. This is no longer possible for zeus and later branches, the alignment and the patch need to match.

Older games are, naturally, designed for older hardware, and that means sometimes they don't stretch so well to fit the newest resolution standards for computer screens. Well, never mind that - seeing as modders have created HD patches for a number of Impression Games' titles, including Zeus: Master of Olympus. There's a special satisfaction to playing old games in crisp resolution, and a similar HD mod exists for Pharaoh if you want to get a taste of what to expect with A New Era. 041b061a72


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