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Biomedical Engineering

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66 : The Eye Of The Midnight Sun's Secret !!LINK!!

Murdoch wanders the streets of the anachronistic city,[12] where nobody seems to notice the perpetual nighttime. At midnight, he watches as everyone else falls asleep and the Strangers have the city physically rearrange itself and, assisted by Schreber, change the inhabitant's identities and memories. He learns that he came from a coastal town called Shell Beach, which is familiar to everyone, though nobody knows how to get there, and all of his attempts to visit are unsuccessful. Meanwhile, the Strangers inject a copy of the memories given to Murdoch into one of their men, Mr. Hand, hoping it will help them predict Murdoch's movements and track him down.

66 : The Eye of the Midnight Sun's Secret

Northern Norway is also the place to go to witness the Arctic lights. In winter, people travel far to chase the northern lights, while the midnight sun offers everlasting summer nights.

Lofoten is known for excellent fishing, nature attractions such as the northern lights and the midnight sun, and small villages off the beaten track. Kayak between the islands or go fishing for the catch of your life. 041b061a72


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