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Gramophone Iphone Buy

This gramophone made by zamac metal casting which is heavy solid and rigid, this works with all iphone versions like 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and iPhone X including plus sizes and all other company mobile but phone speakers should be on the bottom.

gramophone iphone buy

Nostalgic Special Design Acoustic Gramophone It can add a wonderful look to your home, office, cafe and living areas with its special design or it can be a very elegant gift to your loved ones.Our product is compatible with all mobile phones.Our product is made of zinc alloy.Our gramophone is an extremely high quality and special product that acoustically increases the sound coming out of your phone.It will add beauty to your place with its naturalnessOur Product Dimensions: Length: 32 cm Height: 26 cm Width: 24 cm

Before the iPhone and before electrical recording there was the gramophone. Although the sound quality of these wind up machines may lack something to the modern ear, the retro look of a Victrola still has its appeal. Now you can enhance the sound from your iPhone 4 or 4S without electricity while adding century-old flair.

The Gramophone for iPhone and iPad does not use any wires, batteries or buttons. Like a real old-time gramophone, it works naturally. The music from your iPhone or iPad travels through the speaker and amplifies the sound.

Another one of my out of the blue project idea and I was a little reluctant to put it up because it turn out to be really ugly looking... HAHAHAHA! but the speaker works pretty well. The whole concept is to combine gramophone speaker and spooky ambient lighting. I channelled the iPhone speaker sound from the based to come out from the gramophone. As for the lighting I had few Arduino boards laying around so I use one of them to make that spooky feeling colour changing inside the gramophone.

Last three centuries, we achieved milestones in science and technologies. We invented and discover electricity to locomotive engine, telephone to penicillin tablet, cycle to modern cars, modern harvesting equipment to capture moon, computer to internet, gramophone to iPhone, sword to modern missile, shield to interceptor, horse to F16 airplane, fairy to modern ships, dynamite to atom bomb, fan to AC, mud oven to electric oven so on and so forth. 041b061a72


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