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Taiz Zeiger Plant Physiology 5th Edition Free Download

The book by Taiz and Zieger is a worldwide used and well-established textbook in the field of life science. Plant Physiology by Taiz and Zieger 6th edition book targets to guide the life science students in the field of plant physiology. This 6th edition of the book is not just informative but has eye-catchy images as well.

taiz zeiger plant physiology 5th edition free download

The second unit focuses on Biochemistry and metabolism which is the core part of any plant physiology book, which includes photosynthesis ( light reaction, dark reaction, C3, C4, CAM Pathway), respiration, Phloem translocation, and nutrient assimilation.

This second unit of the book is the most valuable and highlighted point in CSIR NET Exam. Because this unit contains a weightage of 2 questions from part C itself and 2 from part B in the exam. Unit third is about Growth and Development which has been divided into 11 distinct chapters. This is a praiseworthy thing that authors have managed to keep the length of a book only 761 pages although the book covers nearly all aspects of plant physiology.

The salient characteristics of this book are ample numbers of vivid and sharp coloured figures. The figures in the books are expressive and eye-catchy, no figure is overloaded with the information or detail or unbalanced colour which defiantly enhances the reader experience. Plant Physiology by Taiz and Zieger 6th edition is amongst the modern Life science books with well-managed book size and quality content, it is brilliantly produced, the fun book which has been acting as an aid to all students to understand the field of plant physiology.


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