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Drama comes from the Greek word for "action." In television, drama is a broad category or genre in narrative fiction that can be further broken down into subcategories like crime, dramedies, legal, and domestic. Even before the advent of television, dramas have entertained audiences on stages and radios throughout history. Television dramas often explore serious topics such as death, love, and illness.

You have requested : for.all.mankind.s02e10.MP4...

Stacker compiled data on all episodes of dramatic TV on IMDb with more than 5,000 votes and ranked them according to IMDb user rating, with ties broken by votes. In the interest of maintaining a diverse list and reducing the dominance more popular shows, such as "Game of Thrones" and "Breaking Bad," have over the list, shows on the list have been capped at three episodes.

John Locke makes a decision about the hatch and its elusive button that may have devastating consequences in this final episode of the series' sophomore season. After finding Desmond, whose story is revealed in a series of flashbacks, Sayid and Jack come up with a plan to get Walt back and deal with the "Others." When it aired on streaming services, Netflix and Hulu, the episode was divided into two parts.

The final episode of the first season blows things apart in the town of Monterey, binding the ladies together in one devastating moment that the whole season seems to have been building up to. At the time the finale aired, no decision had been made about a second season, so things were wrapped up in a way that offered the audience closure. "Big Little Lies" did eventually manage to get one more season to showcase the talents of Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley, Laura Dern, and Zoë Kravitz, and even added Oscar-winner Meryl Streep into the fold.

Easy Company is plagued by disillusionment and anger as the war nears its end and the Allies occupy Germany. Only when they stumble upon an abandoned concentration camp do they understand what they fought for. Writing for AV Club, Emily Todd VanDerWerff says of the penultimate episode in the series, "There have been many brutal yet fantastic portrayals of the Holocaust on film, but 'Why We Fight' can stand proudly alongside any of them as a necessary reminder of the horrors human beings are capable of."

Rick and the crew have not escaped the box audiences saw them in at the end of last season's finale. In the season opener, which broke records, they are still being held by the maniacal inhabitants of Terminus. They have nothing to fear though. Carol swoops in and saves the day, proving once and for all that she is a survivor.

In the Season 1 finale, morning show anchors Alex Levy, played by Jennifer Aniston, and Bradley Jackson, played by Reese Witherspoon, lay it all out when they announce, "We haven't been honest with you," on the air and shed the secrets they've been keeping. Eventually, the feed is cut and the viewer is left in silence to digest the enormity of the season and ponder what will come in Season 2. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, showrunner Kerry Ehrin said of the episode, "It's like a huge building fell on everybody and it's about escaping from the wreckage."

Silvio is sick, and Paulie and Chris try to step up and handle collections in his place, but things do not go as planned in this episode directed by Steve Buscemi. When they attempt to dump a body in the woods, they get lost and nearly freeze. Tony confides in Dr. Melfi, telling the doctor that he's been seeing a patient of hers, which may not have been the best decision.

Sure, modern shows like "Riverdale" have musical television episodes, but before they did there was Buffy. "Once More, With Feeling" has the longest runtime of any episode in the series. The episode finds the residents of Sunnydale bursting into song, dance, and on occasion, flames, because they are under the spell of a diabolical singing, dancing demon who makes them share all their dark secrets in a song.

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