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Revenge Of The Bridesmaids ((FULL))

Revenge of the Bridesmaids is a 2010 ABC Family Original Movie that premiered on July 18, 2010.[1] It stars Raven-Symoné as Abigail and Joanna García as Parker, undercover bridesmaids with a mission to break up a wedding. In addition, the film's cast also features Virginia Williams, Beth Broderick, Chryssie Whitehead, David Clayton Rogers, Lyle Brocato and Brittany Ishibashi.

Revenge of the Bridesmaids

Two 29-year-old women, Abigail Scanlon and Parker Wald, best friends since childhood, return to their small hometown of Lambert, Louisiana from New York City for a visit.[2] During a party to celebrate Parker's parents' wedding anniversary, they run into old friends. They learn that their close friend, Rachel, has lost the love of her life, Tony, to their ex-friend, Caitlyn, a conniving gold-digger who pretends to be pregnant to trick Tony into marrying her so that she can use his money to keep her family's estate. Intent upon preventing a loveless marriage, Parker and Abigail go "undercover" as Caitlyn's bridesmaids to sabotage the wedding. Along the way, Caitlyn's tightly wound mother, Olivia, works hard to keep Abigail and Parker at bay as Parker falls for the town detective Henry Kent. The bridesmaids put their best-laid plans in motion only to see them go outrageously awry with Olivia interfering as much as possible. As a result, Abigail, Parker and Rachel are arrested by Henry, but Parker convinces him to release them. So Abigail, Parker, and Rachel sneak into the wedding and kidnap Caitlyn. They take her to the hospital for a pregnancy test and trick her into admitting the truth. At the wedding ceremony Tony lies to Caitlyn that his family lost their fortunes which leads to her canceling the wedding and storming off. After Caitlyn is gone, Tony gets on one knee and proposes to Rachel, also revealing that he lied and is still rich.At the end of the film, Parker stars in a major action film with Henry at her side as her consultant, Rachel marries Tony, and Abigail sells her book on their antics as bridesmaids.

Abigail, Parker and Rachel are determined to stop the wedding, but they meet with resistance from Caitlyn as well as her mother Olivia McNabb (Beth Broderick), who is also her wedding planner. Parker and Abigail go "undercover" as Caitlyn's bridesmaids to sabotage the wedding. The girls discover that Caitlyn is not pregnant, and she is really doing all this to marry Tony for his money. They therefore develop an elaborate plan. They steal Caitlyn's wedding dress and put it through a garden shredder, then they play in the white pellets it forms. However, it goes terribly wrong and the trio is arrested, but Parker convinces Henry Kent (David Clayton Rogers), the policeman to release them.

  • The Baby Trap: How Caitlyn pressures Tony into marrying her. She catches him On the Rebound after Rachel and has a one-night stand, then lies about being pregnant with his child.

  • Backstabbing the Alpha Bitch: Abigail, Parker and Rachel were Caitlyn's Girl Posse throughout childhood and high school. The fact none of them can stand her is just the incentive to stop the wedding and knock the McNabbs off their high horses. In the climax, they're joined by Bitsy for this reason too.

  • Devil in Plain Sight: Caitlyn and her mom. They may think they have everyone fooled with their Southern Belle acts, but the whole town knows they're really just two-faced, self-absorbed Gold Diggers.

  • Earn Your Happy Ending: After Tony lies to Caitlyn about his family going bankrupt, she reveals her lie and calls off the wedding. Tony proposes to Rachel, and they get married with Parker and Abigail as real bridesmaids. Parker returns to New York a take-charge person and lands a lead role in an action movie, now dating Henry, who is in his way to becoming a detective. Abigail writes her new novel based on the movie's events, and it becomes a bestseller.

  • Engineered Public Confession: The bridesmaids final gambit to break up the wedding. They force Caitlyn to drink a bottle of tea and drag her to a hospital so her urine can be tested. When this seems to have failed, Caitlyn gloats about tricking Tony and their futile efforts to stop her. Cue Henry walking into the room, having captured every word on his camcorder.

  • Extreme Doormat: Rachel. She quietly goes along with whatever she's told and her only resistance is bursting into tears. She slowly grows a spine through helping Abigail and Parker.

  • Fake Pregnancy: Caitlyn and Tony had a one-night stand, which she says she's pregnant from. But the girls soon find out that she lied, even stealing another woman's urine sample and passing it off as her own to the doctor.

  • Gold Digger: Caitlyn and her mother, Olivia. Olivia has been married three times, all ending in divorce, all to keep her and her daughter living in style. When she runs through her third husband's money and is too old to snag a fourth, Caitlyn takes over her duties.

  • Guess Who I'm Marrying?: A non-familial example. Caitlyn tells Abigail and Parker she's getting married. When Tony comes up, the girls recognize him from Facebook. That's when Caityln's mother announces, "There's our gorgeous groom!"

  • Honorable Marriage Proposal: Tony is forced by the old-fashioned standards of their hometown to marry Caitlyn after she claims she has gotten pregnant by him.

  • Interrogation by Vandalism: The bridesmaids get Bitsy to admit Caitlyn is faking The Baby Trap by threatening to stain her expensive sweaters.

  • The Perfectionist: Caitlyn will tolerate nothing less than the wedding of her dreams, which inspires a series of pranks by the bridesmaids.

  • Saying Too Much: Bitsy bragging about her and Caitlyn's night of drinking, which clues the bridesmaids in that Caitlyn isn't really pregnant.

  • You Are Fat: Olivia likes to taunt Abigail this way.

\"This exhibit, although superficially fun, will have a significant research component which will investigate the traditions and customs of bridesmaids as well as the rationale behind the need for them and their changing roles.\"

If you have a shiny satin, bright taffeta or oddly shaped gown gathering dust in your closet, Cross wants to see it. On Oct. 22, she'll be at Oakville Place, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and is asking former bridesmaids to bring dresses they either loved or loathed. If selected, the gown will be used during the year-long exhibit.

"This exhibit, although superficially fun, will have a significant research component which will investigate the traditions and customs of bridesmaids as well as the rationale behind the need for them and their changing roles."

Dear Amy: A few years ago, I became friends with a woman who was dating a co-worker. She was quirky, but we got along well. Shortly after we became friends, I got engaged and when one of my bridesmaids had to drop out of the wedding, I asked this woman to step in.

After a while, one's thoughts turn naturally to revenge. The one theme that popped up again in film after film, cutting across genres, comedy to horror, was this most basic of plot devices, the need to exact a toll. It popped up big in The Help, a revenge drama writ small against the backdrop of larger things. The film divided critics and ordinary folk. I couldn't quite believe that it was deemed appropriate to make yet another film in which white folk lend a helping hand to black folk. If I were a person of colour, I might be sorely tempted to take that hand and bend the fingers back one by one, till whitey squeaked.

Revenge is nothing if not hardwired deep inside the mammalian brain, so deeply, as to be almost inextricable. Perhaps that is why revenge works so powerfully as plot point. There is no denying the ability of revenge to move mountains. 041b061a72


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