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despite the fact that i'm an ordinary, decent, middle-class, midwest american mormon male, i'm both critical of the destructive social consequences of tribalism, yet deeply appreciative of the preferential treatment i have had so far on this basis. i'm equally critical of the cult of celebrity worship, and also appreciate the privileged treatment of me, a celebrity, here in salt lake city.

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the old confederation under dr. wayne made sense for a few years. we could take advantage of under-used grasslands and the river valleys for farming. then the railroad came in, and a new city was born. the city-states of old and the pastoral city-states of the plains interacted and clashed in many ways. there was not yet a definition of a man from some government office, but only that he must prove his worth to his society and individual family in some way. money became the measure of worth. many companies succeeded, and the older companies were consolidated or bought by others in competition, until there was only the railroads and the banks left. we are a thriving people with a mixture of old and new cultures. the city-states of the plains are gone. the company stores were replaced by banks and then by retail chains. the middle class, as defined by money, began to disappear, replaced by the hopeless underclass. our parents married in the 1970s and lived in town, working in the local corporations. they had children in the 1980s and 1990s and in many cases had less money and homes than their parents. this is what i've seen as i have grown up in the central utah mormon suburbs.


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