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Tsukihime Ogg

Sound formats other then ogg seem to have playback issues which i haven't been able to fix yet. In the newest version i've uploaded you can edit thexml file and add ogg_only to the tsukihime entry whcih will disable all sound except for ogg files. Not perfect but no sound is better then the current broken playback. --Brian 13:49, 14 April 2009 (UTC)

Tsukihime Ogg

Download File:

Hmmmm I am not sure if you had the same problem I have, but when I played tsukihime my mouse seemed frozen but it was somewhat invisible. Like I would move it there would be lag and it would appear in a different place. I eventually found out that I could guess the position of the mouse without seeing it and I played through a route like that. So ya try moving the mouse slowly to see if options pop up and you might be able to play.


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